As the COVID-19 situation escalated in March, I was checking in with my niece who is an RN at Kamloops Hospice, to see how she was doing. She, like many other healthcare workers everywhere, was becoming concerned about the dwindling stock of supplies, particularly face masks. I had started noticing more and more people wearing disposable masks and know that they are near impossible to obtain.

Because of the current pandemic, my stream of incoming work has slowed down, so I decided I’d create some reusable masks for my niece since I had the time. I did some research weighing the pros and cons, and it seems like the opinion changes daily, but my niece encouraged me to make some for her as she would find it beneficial. After I created my first batch of masks, I posted them on my Facebook. It turns out that a lot of people were very interested in them and requested that I make some for them.

We all know the best masks to wear for protection are the N95 disposable type masks. However right now it is of the utmost importance that healthcare providers have access to these products. I decided to help out and make simple cotton face masks to help out my RN niece who works at Kamloops Hospice. The consensus is something is better than nothing, even if it doesn't offer full protection.

To fulfill requests from people wanting fabric masks and the need for those in healthcare, I created a store in which you can purchase my hand made fabric masks. Proceeds of these sales will go toward the cost of the materials and a bit for my labour and towards masks I am donating to FTC Handmade Masks - a charity organization who is distributing face masks to high risk members of society.  UPDATE! As of August 15, I am donating masks to the Langley School Disrict as it's schools who need our help now!

I'm not here to debate whether or not a fabric mask is the right way to go to protect yourself or if you should or shouldn't wear one. I'm just here to try and help out healthcare facilities that may need them in emergencies, and just regular people who would like one but don't have time or resources to make them on their own.

Thank you for your support and stay safe out there! #shoplocal

flatten the curve handmade masks

Proud Sponsor of FTC Handmade Masks

For every order placed on my site, I will also donate a mask to the FTC Handmade Masks program.

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