Eco-masks featured in the Langley Advance Newspaper

We were featured in the Langley Advance Newspaper last week. An excerpt:

“I decided to help out and make simple cotton face masks to help out my RN niece who works at Kamloops Hospice. The consensus is something is better than nothing, even if it doesn’t offer full protection,” she added.

To fulfill requests from people wanting masks and the need for those in health care, Beere Johnson created a small store in which people can purchase her creations.

She has since hired several students to help keep up with the demand, crafting multicoloured reusable masks.

Proceeds of these sales will go toward the cost of the materials, labour, and towards masks Beere Johnson is donating to FTC Handmade Masks – a charity organization who is distributing face masks to high risk members of society.

People can find out more about her startup Eco-Masks, and purchase masks at

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